Welcome to Our Story,

Here you will get to know the history of our brand, what inspired us to build this brand and what exactly we stand for. Enjoy reading!


About Us:

Crafting Premium Wooden Watches For Conscious Wearers.

Woodlions specializes in wooden timepieces dedicated to the modern man who seizes the day with strength and excitement for life.

Based on the belief that it is not essential to count your time, but make your time count, Woodlions’ watches are much more than a simple timekeeper.
They are a constant reminder to value your time and make the most out of each day.

Fueled With Respect For Nature And Passion For Creativity.

Driven by its environmental responsibility, Woodlions creates unique designs, using materials that have a minimum effect on nature.

The company’s team of talented experts and craftsmen works hard to provide sustainable fashion pieces made from premium wood and designed for the mindful wearer who chooses an elegant and environmentally conscious accessory for his wrist.

Woodlions is a celebration of dynamic style, comfort, and sustainability, combining quality with functionality and aiming to turn every minute into a special moment.