Maybe you are wondering why we did ask you to join our team, right? You might not even have a huge social influence.. Let us explain you why!

We focus on helping the people with a smaller social influence in the fashion world to get their name more out there.

These days for a lot of companies it's about the amount of followers only, which makes it difficult for a lot of people to get a collaboration with certain brands. For us it's not about your amount of followers, that doesn't mean anything to us. For us it's about your passion and wanting to network with likeminded people.

Join our team today and receive these exclusive benefits:

- 50% discount on all products
- Exclusive gifts and giveaways where you can choose what to get yourself. We host giveaways for our team members every month! 
- Personal exposure, we will feature you on our page @Woodlions
- Network opportunities with us and our other team members all around the world.
Get paid in commissions or free items when your code gets used (note*: it's not required to promote our items, only do it if you want to)
- Get access to our team dashboard where you can manage the leads you referred to our website

Don't be afraid to invest in yourself, don't wait, overthink or procrastinate on your goals but take action today and remember that with the right people around you anything is possible!